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We appreciate everyone who attended and supported our first ever Hallie Way event. Please stay in touch for future dates to be posted soon. A special shout out to Goodies, Summer Stuff Summer Day Camp, Little Broadway Cookies and Addy Woods Babysitting Services for all your generous donations. We hope that our kindness initiative, The Hallie Way continues to spread both near and far!

This event was inspired by one of our founders dear friend who recently passed away at the age of 25. This class will be about celebrating the life of a person that was pure goodness. We will move, explore, create and connect through playful yoga and a mindful craft. It will be fun, inspiring, silly, inclusive of all, and heart felt….just some of the qualities Hallie possessed. The Hallie Way is way more than just raising money. It’s about spreading kindness, joy, compassion and inclusion which we will celebrate in this class. 

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